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Would you like to support Washington State University’s research of Teff – development, growing, managing, and improvement of its valuable properties? Please donate to WSU’s “Teff Hay for Horses Research” using this link.

We Will Help You Grow Low Carb Hay
& Market Your Product.


img_2643Your membership with LCHH gives you the knowledge and marketing support to grow your business. You’d rather be out farming, so leave the marketing to the professionals at LCHH – we understand the equestrian market, the product, its value, and that growing high quality hay is an art.

We will bring customers to you! FREE!

Being CERTIFIED as a Low Carb Horse Hay grower will differentiate you in the market. All hay types qualify- from teff and bluegrass hays to grass mixes and alfalfa blends. You become a trusted source that attracts repeat customers. Getting Certified and  listed in the LCHH Directory is just the first step.

LCHH will help you expand your customer base through:

  • teff-in-balersmWe’ll spread the word to horse owners through social media. We know the ins, outs & tricks of Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media channels.
  • Natalie Shaw’s public relations strategy includes speaking engagements at conferences, expos and educational events. She is driven to spread the word of LCHH to the emerging market.
  • Working closely with veterinarians, Natalie & LCHH will promote the science-based and trusted certification process of LCHH.

GrowerWhy become a Low Carb Circle member?

Your directory listing gives you access to a fast growing, niche horse market that is passionate about their horses. Learn about carbohydrates and horse health, and why horse owners are desperately seeking forages low in non-structural carbohydrates. Find out what equine veterinarians and equine nutrition researchers are recommending. Discover what numbers from a hay analysis are important, and how to think about growing low carb hay for horses.

Growerteff-seed-in-petri-smWhat about Teff?

Are you looking for a profitable summer rotational crop? Are you looking to improve farm sustainability and efficiency? If you are you a progressive hay grower looking to expand your customer base, then consider growing teff grass. Teff is an annual, warm season grass toted in the equine industry as a generally low carb forage.


Apply NOW to become a Low Carb Circle member! 3 easy steps:

  1. COMPLETE THE APPLICATION to have your hay tested.
  2. PAY THE FEE – we charge only for our time to visit your field(s), pull core samples, submit them to the lab, and complete the final analysis which is the foundation of LCHH Certification. The fee is $120, plus $60 per field/lot tested.
  3. ADVERTISE – If your hays tests as one of the three low carb levels, you can join the circle of advertisers – – it is FREE!