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Starting a Horse on a Low Carbohydrate Diet Should Only Be Under the Supervision of a Veterinarian.


You’ve been entrusted with the health care of many horses and know how important their primary forage really is. LCHH respects your relationship with your client and the hard work you do to ensure each horse’s proper nutrition.

Too many horse owners self-diagnose their horse’s health problems, and do so with potentially dangerous results. Left alone to source low carbohydrate hay, horse owners have many road blocks to overcome. This website gives them the tools and resources to follow through on creating well balanced low carbohydrate diets for at-risk and diseased horses that you’ve diagnosed.

Data-based resources about low carbohydrate hay are continuously growing, improving, and receiving statistical validation. LCHH is committed to providing veterinarians with the most recent studies and articles that can help you assess the value and appropriateness of forage alternatives.

LCHH’s Facebook page and News Blog are always available for recent updates, but LCHH will be providing you with more in-depth studies and reports. To request login access, click the REQUEST LOGIN ACCESS button. We will send you login information via email. Please be sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive it in your inbox.

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