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Would you like to support Washington State University’s research of Teff – development, growing, managing, and improvement of its valuable properties? Please donate to WSU’s “Teff Hay for Horses Research” using this link.

Trust Is Earned.

LCHH Certified Growers, Retailers & Hay Haulers Are Contractually Obligated to Provide a Product You Can Trust.

What Does “Low Carb Horse Hay Certified” Mean?

When a grower or retailer is listed in the LCHH Directory you can trust that they completed their certification process. The fields/lots listed in the Directory are tested to be 1 of 3 Certified Low Carb Levels.

If it is not in the LCHH Directory, it is not LCHH Certified.

The current supply of low-carb forage in the United States is inadequate. It’s unreliable, inconsistent, and poorly understood. The unfortunate reality is that low-carb hays marketed at your local feed store or hay distributor are often accidents!!! LCHH is out to change that! Here’s what you get when shopping here for certified Low Carb Horse Hay.

RELIABLE: LCHH is building partnerships with hay growers across the country. When you shop LCHH you are profiting from a network of growers that care about great quality horse hay. We’re making teff hay and other low-carb forages available to more people in more places. So, relax, we’ll source, test and ship closer so that you don’t have to!

CONSISTENT: Hay growing is an ART! If you don’t believe it, just spend a day with your hay grower. Making high quality, low-carb hay year after year, cutting after cutting, if a lofty goal, but that’s exactly what LCHH growers are trying to do. We know that consistency in analytical quality, aesthetic quality, and palatability is important to you. So, we’re taking out the guess work.

BETTER UNDERSTANDING THROUGH RESEARCH: There are an impressive number of factors that influence the non-structural carbohydrate values of teff hay. Which factors are the most influential and then controllable have yet to be be determined. Teff hay has great potential in our horse market, but sadly we know very little about growing and harvesting it for low-carb horse hay. Research conducted LCHH will begin to answer these questions.

The LCHH Certification is piece of mind.

It’s a headache avoided. It’s a healthier, happier horse.